Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cash Strapped Libyan Rebels Allow Capital to be Renamed "Tostidos Chipoli"

Banghazi, Libya-

Despite their recent success in overtaking Libya's capital city, Libya's rebels have found themselves needing more and more resources to continue in their overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.  The constant need for fire arms and rations for Libya's rebels has left the opposition scrambling for ways to find funds to support their war.  The need for funding has gone so far that at 12:35pm today, the Libyan Rebels announced the renaming of the capital city, Tripoli, to Tostidos Chipoli.  "The new name will help us end Muammar Gaddafi's oppressive rule, and in state a new, better order for Libya!  And come on, who doesn't love the crisp taste of Tostidos tortilla chips?" said rebellion spokesperson, Matman Kuliar.  Effective September 1st, the Libyan capital of Tripoli will undergo numerous changes.  Along with the city's name change, the Capitol Building will now be referred to as the Nabiscapitol Buidling, and the Supreme Court will adopt the moniker of Doritos Extreme Cheddar Court.  "We hope the name changes will not only supply us with enough funds to fuel our rebellion, but also show our willingness to be included in the Western World and it's many fantastic customs," said Kuliar while snacking on an energy bar the rebels received for creating the Department of Water and Power Bar.  While the official numbers of corporate sponsor money have not been released yet, other countries are taking note and planning out their own product placement strategies.  Greece, a country in great economic turmoil, is expected to announce a name change to Daphne's Greece shortly.  If the Libyan name change results in a great monetary success, the rebels hope to strike corporate sponsorship deals for each of Libya's major cities.  If the rumors pan out to be true, the city of Banghazi will be officially known as the city of Cincinnati Bengalazi by Spring of 2012.