Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Standard and Poors Downgrades Buca Di Beppo's Zagat Rating

Broomfield, Colorado-

In a major blow to the thriving, authentic Italian restaurant chain, the professional assessment company, Standard and Poors, downgraded Buca Di Beppo's Zagat rating to a meek one star.  In defense of their lowered rating, S&P cites a lack of a true, home-style feeling presented by the restaurant chain.  This undoubtedly drew harsh criticisms of Standard and Poors from both Buca Di Beppo's staff, and its loyal patrons.  "How can S&P say that Buca Di Beppo isn't authentic, home-style Italian cooking?" said local Broomfield, Colorado resident Gary Jenkins, "Every time I walk through the restaurant, they take me straight through their kitchen to create that special, exclusive atmosphere that you can only find at a Buca Di Beppo."  Mr. Jenkins went on to talk about how whenever he attends other local establishments like Olive Garden and P.F. Changs, he is overcome with an overly corporate feel.  "Buca Di Beppo is just different," said Mr. Jenkins, "It's the kind of place where I can take my whole family, and truly feel like a part of the community."  Indeed, the sentiments expressed by Mr. Jenkins' were echoed by an official press release from Buca Di Beppo's corporate offices in New Haven, Connecticut.  The press release stated: "As a local, hole-in-the-wall Italian food establishment, we are appalled by the Zagat downgrade.  Bucca Di Beppo strives itself on serving individual communities by providing fantastic, always flavorful food at establishments that serve as cornerstones to each individual community's culture."  In retaliation for the downgrade, the Bucca Di Beppo two blocks away from S&P's New York office is discontinuing its tours of the kitchen before seating.  To preemptively prevent Zagat downgrades of their own, local Broomfield restaurants such as Panda Express, California Pizza Kitchen, and On the Border Grill have all terminated their contracts with Standard and Poors.  "We have determined that we do not want to have Standard and Poors call our authenticity into question, so we have ceased to do business with them," said Kevin Brokenfield, spokesman for On the Border Grill.  He continued to say, "It's just a scary thought to think that someone would ever call our establishment a cheap corporate ploy, when we've represented Broomfield's substantial Mexican population for 12 years."